Membership availability is limited to 35-40 members. The application process consists of filling out the application (button below) and an in-person interview.


  • Use of the space when 5Wise is not reserved
  • Unlimited reservations of the Meeting Room
  • Limited reservations of the Main Room
  • Use of Chromebooks
  • Basic office supplies
  • High speed Internet
  • Use of printer
  • Coffee & tea
  • Well-behaved children are welcome

Membership – $60/mo

Add-on Membership – $30/mo

The Secondary Membership is a cost effective add-on to a Primary Membership. It is meant for teams and collaborators.

  • A Primary Membership must be maintained at all times for a Add-on Membership.
  • An Add-on Member has the same rights and responsibilities as a Primary Member.
  • Up to 3 Add-on Memberships can be purchased for every Primary Membership.

Membership Guidelines

  1. An intimate and persistent space. 5Wise is designed to be shared by a small group of people. This is done to encourage more intimate and persistent relationships. With this in mind, the community of users is expected to work out preferences for space setup, the sharing of resources, etc as mature adults.
  2. Work first, leisure second. The default state of 5Wise is one of productivity. People should always be able to work here if they so choose. It is entirely appropriate to ask people to quiet down. It is not appropriate to expect silence.
  3. Project-focused. 5Wise is designed for people who are working on a project. Regardless of whether that project is learning to type, finishing high school, producing an event, creating an art piece or starting a business, all members are equal peers. Please ask other members what they are doing and share something about yourself!
  4. Your space. This is your space—you are not being served here. Please clean up after yourself, and each other, especially in the kitchen. The rates for membership are kept low by not having staff serve the members. There are supplies under the kitchen sink and a broom and dustpan next to the refrigerator. For larger issues, let Tim know.
  5. Louder in the front. Quieter in the back. If you are having meetings and conversations, please move to the front of the space and shut the large sliding door to help control sound.
  6. Printing. 5Wise operates on a printing honor system. If you have something reasonable to print out, please feel free to do so at no extra charge. If you are going to make a lot of copies, please contribute some money to cover the costs. “Reasonable” up to you to decide. If you are still unsure, ask Tim.
  7. Phones. Phone calls are going to be somewhat difficult. If you have a lot of phone calls to make, this is not the place for them. Please keep your phone on vibration if you can. If you have any good ideas for handling phone calls, let Tim know.
  8. Music. Music is appropriate for events or if everyone in the space agrees now is a good time for music. The default mode for listening to music is on headphones.
  9. Refrigerator. 5Wise reserves the right to throw anything out of the refrigerator at any time. Please do your best to tend to your food items in a timely fashion. It is a good idea to put your name on your food.
  10. Alcohol. Alcohol is allowed at 5Wise. Please feel free to keep alcohol stored in the refrigerator or in the cupboards. It is expected that any alcohol consumption will be done responsibly and with respect for the other users of the space. Messes left after alcohol consumption are completely unacceptable.
  11. One part of a larger world. A family and an individual live upstairs—feel free to say “Hello!” if you see them. The family has small children so pitter-patter is par for the course. Please be tolerant of how 5Wise interfaces with the larger world. If you have issues with the upstairs tenants, please tell Tim immediately and he will handle it. Please do not engage the tenants directly if it is more than sticking your head into the hallway and asking people to be “Please quiet down. Thank you.”
  12. Guests. All guests must be with the member hosting them at all times. Frequent guests will be asked to pay the membership fee. “Frequency” is at the discretion of 5Wise Workshop.
  13. Keep the door locked unless there is an event underway. 5Wise is a space for it members. It is not open to the public. If someone who is not a member knocks or stops by, politely greet them, but do not let them in.
  14. Be smart and safe in the neighborhood. Silver City is a crossroads of cultures and classes. Please be aware of your surroundings and use your head when you are coming and going to 5Wise. Don’t leave visible items in your car when you park it.
  15. Reserving the meeting room. The meeting room is available on a first-come, first served basis, as determined by reservations in the calendar.
  16. Don’t assume meetings with members—set them! Be respectful of others and their focus. Don’t assume people are available to talk just because they are in the space. If you want to speak with someone, ask for a date/time when they are available.